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October 2014



Brazos Boulevard is a new 37 foot wide curb and gutter street that is under construction from Red River Drive to Rio Grande Boulevard.

Construction began on July 16, 2014 and is expected to be completed by mid-December.  Construction is approximately 40% complete.


Cullum Drive is being reconstructed from SH 10 to East Huitt Lane.  The street improvements will upgrade this portion of the roadway from a two lane county road type section with open drainage to a standard curb and gutter street section with underground drainage systems.

The project consists of the placement of approximately 7,000 square yards of concrete paving, 600 linear feet of water lines, 1,200 linear feet of sanitary sewer lines and 1,500 linear feet of storm sewer pipe for the reconstruction of Cullum Drive.  A new sidewalk will be placed on each side of Cullum Drive.

City Council has awarded the contract to McClendon Construction of Burleson, Texas.  Construction began on January 20, 2014 and is scheduled to be completed in October, 2014.

Currently, the contractor has completed the paving of the travel way and is currently  paving the driveway entrances and sidewalks.

The intersection at Hwy 10 and Cullum Drive will be closed for approximately two weeks beginning Thursday, October 16.


The project will construct approximately 2,970 linear feet of the Rio Grande Boulevard extension to Cheek-Sparger Road. Two side streets will connect the southbound SH 121 frontage road with Rio Grande Boulevard. The southbound SH 121 frontage road will be widened to accommodate the entrances to the side streets. The project will complete the bridge over Little Bear Creek, provide landscaping and irrigation to the medians, and construct entry features along the southbound SH 121 entry connections and Cheek-Sparger Road.

The project includes the placement of approximately 25,000 square yards of concrete paving, 1,900 linear feet of sanitary sewer line, 170 linear feet of water line and 700 linear feet of storm drainage pipe. A new sidewalk will be placed along portions of the SH 121 Frontage Road, Rio Grande Boulevard and the entry streets.  The intersection of Cheek-Sparger Road and Rio Grande Boulevard will be signalized.

City Council has awarded the contract to Mario Sinacola & Sons, Inc. of Frisco, Texas.  Construction began on January 27, 2014 and  scheduled to be completed in August, 2014.  Due to delays caused by several utility companies, the expected completion date is now sometime in October.


Westover Drive, Buck Trail, Moss Hill Lane, Underwood Lane, Lawndale Lane, Driskill Drive, Knoll Trail (from Canterbury St. to Westover Dr.), Jenny Lane, Sprucewood Lane, Kayli Lane.  2” asphalt overlay of streets is complete.


Construction is continuing on a project to replace accessibility ramps and adjacent sidewalks along the following streets: 

  • Ector Dr.
  • Fair Oaks Blvd.
  • North Main St.
  • Midway Dr.
  • N Ector Dr.
  • Lamar Dr.

The following streets are complete:

  • Parker Dr.
  • Fayette Dr.
  • Hollywood Blvd.
  • Martha St.
  • Broadway Dr.

Aransas Drive - Replacing three (3) wood poles with metal poles and installing four (4) new lights on metal poles between Harwood Road and Ash Lane.  Underground conduit has been installed.  ONCOR Electric will place poles in October.



The existing 8” residential water main along El Camino Real from West Pipeline Road to the south city limits is in need of replacement due to its deteriorating condition and inadequate size.  With the installation of a new 10” line, the incidents of water breaks should decrease and with the larger volume of water available in the 10” line, greater pressure can be maintained for residents, and also for fire protection as necessary.

Bids were opened June 4, 2014 and the project was awarded at the June 24th City Council meeting to A&M Construction and Utilities, Inc.

Construction began on July 21st and is expected to be completed by the end of November.

Construction is approximately 70% complete.


FY 14-15 Sewer Project was awarded by Mayor and Council August 26, 2014 to Circle C Construction.  This project consists of rehabilitation of sewer lines servicing the following areas: 

  • Denton Drive between Collins Drive and Harwood Road; to include portion of Bell Drive
  • Dallas Drive between Denton Drive and Irion Drive
  • Irion Drive between Dallas Drive and Harwood Road

Contractor will begin on October 6, 2014 and be completed by February 2, 2015.

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